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Located on the seafront in Nazaré, the Thalasso Spa is a space entirely dedicated to health and wellbeing. Take advantage of your stay at Miramar Hotels to relax and pamper your body and mind.

Revitalise yourself with seawater

What is thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses the revitalising properties of the marine environment, consisting of seawater, algae and sea mud, under medical supervision.

In a safe and ecologically healthy marine environment, the application of heat, together with balneotherapy and massage techniques, facilitates the absorption of mineral salts through the skin’s pores. This natural remineralisation process has significant health benefits, making thalassotherapy a rejuvenating and revitalising experience.

The active principles of seawater, combined with sophisticated techniques of body treatment applied by qualified personnel, are the basis of a wide range of thalassotherapy services with a preventive and curative purpose.

Thalasso Nazaré - Miramar Hotels
Thalasso Nazaré - Miramar Hotels

Main effects of seawater on the body:

Reduces stress

Seawater, together with relaxing massage techniques, helps fight depression, insomnia, fatigue and physical weakness.

Decreases pain

Seawater has an analgesic effect, especially for chronic or acute pain in the spine and limbs.

Stimulates blood circulation

Seawater helps stimulate the blood in the arteries and veins, thus reducing the feeling of tired legs.

Improves breathing

Seawater promotes significant improvements in breathing, especially for upper respiratory disorders.

Helps treat psoriasis and other dermatological conditions

Seawater cleanses, detoxifies and promotes good skin condition.

Thalasso Nazaré - Miramar Hotels

Main services of Thalasso Spa Nazaré

  • Thalasso Dinâmica Swimming Pool
  • Hamman – Turkish Bath
  • Contrast showers
  • Vichy shower rooms
  • Needle shower, Scottish shower and round shower
  • Hydrotherapy for hands and feet
  • ENT treatment room
  • Individual bathing rooms
  • Individual rooms for wraps and massages
  • Relaxation area

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Thalasso Spa Nazaré facilities and therapies