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Miramar Senses Spa invites you to take refuge from the routine of everyday life and to enjoy moments of relaxation in a breathtaking location. Miramar Senses Spa has been designed with your comfort in mind. All areas and services have been created to provide you with unique sensations of harmony and tranquility. Thanks to the state-of-the-art construction and the predominance of glass, you can benefit from natural light and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, wherever you are: in the pool, solarium, fitness area or relaxation room. At Miramar Senses Spa, the sophistication of the equipment combines with the sympathy and competence of the team of therapists and the quality of prestigious brands, to offer you a wide range of wellness and beauty treatments, to fit your personal motivations. We offer a la carte or programmed treatments, ranging from two to seven nights, as well as long-term structured programs (one or two weeks), aimed at achieving specific goals of well-being and beauty, adapted to the characteristics of each guest.

 ** Note: ALL SPA services may be subject to additional charges. It is not allowed to use under 12 years. In case of doubt consult us or go to the price list here.

Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré
Miramar Senses SPA Nazaré


With a privileged view of the Atlantic, the heated indoor pool at the Miramar Senses Spa is the ideal place to start an unforgettable wellness experience. Thanks to several movements of water, you can rediscover the physical and psychic balance that you so much want. The dynamic swimming pool offers, among other movements: swan necks, waterfalls, circular shower, underwater jets, bath with bubble of air, hydromassage.


The high humidity and the radiant heat of the room are indicated to release toxins and relax. The Turkish bath (Hammam) stimulates the immune system, increases blood flow to the skin, speeds up metabolism, speeds up blood circulation, relaxes muscles and eliminates muscle pain, detoxifies the body and contributes to fat reduction. It is indicated for allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, rheumatism, obesity and physical and mental exhaustion.


Cube shower cubicles and bithermal showers allow the application of hot and cold showers, which stimulate blood circulation and promote body toning.


After application of mud, algae or essential oils, the capsule is activated, creating a sophisticated steam bath that optimizes the benefits of the treatment. Chromotherm allows a sequential hydromassage session whose relaxing effects are enhanced by aromatherapy and chromotherapy. Excellent treatment to reduce fatigue and stress, as well as fight against overweight by eliminating toxins


Going two and living, together, a parenthesis of discovery and well-being is finally possible. In the room Sense2 of the Miramar Senses Spa, share a deep and invigorating hydromassage experience, taking advantage of all the potential of an equipment that combines the therapeutic effects of water, music and color to provide unique moments of well-being and complicity.


In addition to the large spa bath for couples, the Sense2 Room is equipped with a double massage cabin, where you can enjoy a wide range of body and face treatments (moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-cellulite, relaxation, etc.)


Surrender to the hands of our therapists and let yourself be carried away with feelings of pleasure and well-being. Miramar Senses Spa offers you a wide range of massages and treatment rituals that provide moments of escape and total serenity or that allow you to renew energies and balance body and mind. Choose the treatment that best fits your mood or rely on the professional counseling of therapists.

Rua Abel da Silva, nº36, 2450-060 Nazaré, Portugal
00351 262550003
GPS Coordinates
Latitude - 39º35´49.61”N
Longitude - 9º03’51.47”W
(39.597306, -9.064397)



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